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Singvari Naturan.

She is an Eladrin Elf Bard. Young, Pretty. Her hair is red, long and flowing. She has the look of someone who is around 19 years old (although she is decades older in reality). She has bright green eyes, freckles, and a very naturally glowing complexion. In her hair are autumn leaves. Her complexion warm and all of the colors she wears are fall colors and warm as well.

She is athletic as she is an acrobat/dancer type. She is also of elven blood and therefore, on the tall side. Picture a ballerina type. She is about 5'10"

She is a bard and her instruments are Dulcimer, Lyre, and Shawm - along with her voice. Her main weapon is a short bow which she has on her back. She is very attuned to nature and animals.

She is an Eladrin elf and lives with her people in the Fay Wild. The city appears, now and again, in this plane of existence for short periods of time. She has recently left the Fay Wild to seek something to help her people ... though, at this point, we don't know what.

Ashton Wilde


Ashton is a human fighter. He is currently at the age of 21. He has light skin, and curly black hair, shaved at the sides and the back. The rest of his hair rests loosely on the top of his head.

Being a member of the city watch, Ashton has partaken in some exercises. He has an average build for a human, and is average height, standing at around 5'9". His face is permanently covered in ash and soot from his experiments with gunpowder.

At the moment, Ashton has been using a hand crossbow. The crossbow shows some signs of battle, but it's well maintained.

Rosalynd Windancer


Rosalynd is a halfling sorceress. She’s about three feet tall and just shy of middle age, with long brown hair and green eyes. She’s usually fairly richly dressed, coming from a rather well-off background. She has lots of experience and knowledge about the adventuring life, but her wild magic surges make her ... unpredictable. 

Kerrain BlightFellow.

He is a Tabaxi Wild Mage Sorcerer. Being a cat-person he has the pelt of a Black Panther. Young, around 26 or so human years. Decently short at 5’10” and weighing 127 lbs.

He has a small focusing crystal hung around his neck. He carries two daggers hidden in the inside of his tunic, and a light crossbow attached to his hip. As well as his own claws that he can retract.

With a not so promising past, he tries to be on the sidelines for most of his life so no one else gets hurt. But with a recent attack on the village, he is in, he’s going to get involved.

Odion Worntail

Tiefling Human mixed-race Sorcerer

With both his small horns and shock of black hair hidden under a dark blood red hood, you’d not be amiss to think that this blue-grey tiefling bore more the resemblance of what a modern-day human would call a ‘devil’. His smoke-grey eyes, which seemed to stay in permanent shadow, with his thin dark tail darting here and there, doesn’t belie the thought as well.

Small by both Tiefling and Human comparisons, his crouch and always at hand quarterstaff would, from far away, give the impression of an old man with his walking staff.

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