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Some Theatre Company takes your safety seriously. Here is how we are keeping you safe.

* STC completed the state reopening plan and we were approved, by the state of Maine, to open our theatre company for live indoor performances back in 2020.  Upon completion, we earned the covid19 check logo.

We installed TWO Air purifiers that have been scientifically proven through rigorous testing to destroy 99.8% of Covid germs in the air. These systems run 24/7 and are maintained, cleaned and updated regularly.

For our Audience

We have not, and will not, ask to see vaccination cards or police masking. 


We ask that all audience members read the Maine CDC recommendations, and then make their own personal choices as adults.


We ask that you be respectful of all audience members. Public shaming of others' choices will not be tolerated.

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

  • Bathrooms will be sanitized prior to the performance, and right after.

  • All audience seats are wiped down and sanitized with spray, before the show and after.

  • Walls and floors are cleaned before/after every performance.

  • We have a playbill QR code mounted to our board in the lobby. No individual playbills will be available.

  • All hard surfaces will be sanitized prior to the show and right after.

  • The air filtration system will run during the performance.

  • Tickets will be sold online, in advance

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