This will be the start of STC bringing you - "In The Dead of Summer" 
Every year in June STC will bring you a spooky offering to whet your appetite.


DR. JOHN MONTAGUE (40+) Researcher and writer on Parapsychology, an investigator of the supernatural who has brought everyone together to investigate the supernatural happenings of Hill House.


ELANOR VANCE (20 - 40) A friendless, fragile young woman who up until now was forced to lead a reclusive caring for her demanding invalid mother.


THEADORA (25 - 50) An impulsive, extroverted, bohemian artist. A modern psychic, who is independent, carefree and the opposite of Eleanor.


LUKE SANDERSON (25 - 45) The charismatic young heir to Hill House. Slightly-skeptical, playboy type, yet happily bonds with the other three members of the psychic group.


MRS. DUDLEY (50+) The caretaker of Hill House, blunt and single-minded, and about as welcoming as the house itself.


MRS. MONTAGUE (40+) Wife of Dr. Montague, she is an enthusiast of the paranormal, who wants to prove her methods are more scientific than those of her husband.


ARTHUR (Any Age) Friend/Assistant to Mrs. Montague. When he is not helping Mrs. Montague commune with the spirits, he is the headmaster at a boarding