Auditions: “The Woman in Black”

Written by Stephen Mallatratt and Susan Hill


The Woman in Black is a gripping ghost story set in a small Victorian theatre.


Arthur Kipps, an aging lawyer, engages the services of a professional actor to help him bring his new play to the stage. His play is a record of a ghostly event which befell him many years before, and by performing it, he hopes to exorcise his past. From the cluttered stage, Kipps begins to read his story: painfully, self-consciously and hesitantly at first, but gradually increasing in confidence.

The actor portrays a young Kipps, sent to settle the estate of a deceased elderly recluse, in whose isolated marshland house Kipps encounters the Woman in Black. The ghostly figure unleashes a horrifying sequence of events that culminate in a truly chilling twist in the play's final moments.


Sunday June 28th -  1pm to 6pm and Monday June 29th - 6pm - 9pm

Auditions are by  appointment only. Please sign up for a time slot

Show dates - August 20 - 23

The actors involved will be briefed on STC safety protocols. Safety standards will be maintained.


The audition will consist of cold readings from the script.  There will be no callbacks. 

All Roles Available

An Actor –  age 20/30 - British Accent - Plays himself and “Young Kipps” who is a solicitor.

Kipps – age 35+ -  British Accent -  Character Actor role - Plays all the following characters with a different voice & physicality:

  1. Tomes – 50s – A law clerk with perpetual sniffles.

  2. Mr. Bentley – 60s – CEO of Bentley, Haigh, Sweetman & Bently, solicitors.

  3. Sam Daily – late 50s – Rich landowner, well dressed but w/vulgar jewelry. Brash.

  4. Landlord – Hotel Gifford – Snoopy, suspicious & emotional.

  5. Mr. Jerome – 50 – 80 – Property Agent. Bland & business-like, at times uneasy.


Woman in Black  x 2 – No Lines – Flexibility, endurance & stamina required. Dance & Comedia experience helpful. 


“Provides a pleasurable ripple of fear down one’s spine…” – Time Out New York