November 8th - 1pm to 5pm

Some Theatre Company in The Bangor Mall

Casting 9 actors (portray ages 16 to 50+)

LGBTQ themes. Dungeons and Dragons themes


Cold reading from scripts - wear comfortable clothes

Covid19 Safety Precautions in place.

Agnes Evans is a completely average woman who strives to be nothing but average until the day she wishes her life was a little less boring. Her wish, unfortunately, comes true when her family, including her younger sister Tilly, dies in a car crash.

As Agnes is cleaning Tilly’s room, she finds a module Tilly had written for Dungeons &Dragons.

In order to get closer to the sister she never really knew, Agnes embarks on her own adventure with the help of a Dungeon Master to play the game as Tilly designed. As she delves deeper into her quest, the fantasy world and reality begin to collide and mix as Agnes searches to connect with Tilly and realizes how much of her sister she never knew.


Narrator: Describes the events going on in the story and gives a background description of the reason behind the story and the characters of Agnes and Tilly. The narrator is described as sounding like Cate Blanchett from The Lord of the Rings. (also plays Farrah and Succubus)

Agnes Evans: Agnes is described as striving to live an absolutely average life. She grew up in the average town of Athens, Ohio with average parents. Agnes is a 27-year-old English teacher at her and Tilly's former high school. After her sister's death, Agnes decides to go on a D&D adventure in order to feel closer to Tilly, as they never had a close relationship.

Tilly Evans/Tillius the Paladin: Agnes's sister who dies in a car crash at the age of sixteen. Tilly has a love for D&D adventures, and anything classified as nerdy or geeky. Through the D&D module Agnes plays, it is learned that Tilly was facing her own challenges with her sexuality and bullying while she was still alive. In the game, Tilly has a girlfriend, Lilith.

Chuck: A member of Tilly’s friend group and the Dungeon Master for the game. He helps Agnes throughout the module and introduces her to Tilly’s other real-life friends.

Miles: Agnes's boyfriend of five years. Miles is shown to be scared of commitment. He appears in the game as a shapeshifting "gelatinous blob" that Agnes must kill.

Lilith Morningstar/Lilly: A Demon Queen that resembles a leather-clad dominatrix. Tilly's girlfriend in the game.

Kaliope Darkwater/Kelly: Kaliope is a Dark Elf and incredibly strong. She is based on Tilly’s high school friend Kelly, who is Ronny's sister.

Orcus/Ronnie: A demon of the underworld that holds onto lost souls or knows where to find them. He is obsessed with watching television. The party travels to him first in order to ask about the Lost Soul of Athens. He later joins the party on their quest.

Farrah: A fairy and one of the bosses Agnes and her party must face before they can reach the final boss.

SUCCUBUS- Evil Gabbi and Evil Tina: Cheerleader succubi that torment Tilly, in particular about her sexuality, both in the game and when she was alive. They are based on Tilly’s high school bullies.

Steve: In real life, he is one of Tilly's classmates. In the game he is a mage that usually is on the receiving end of bosses showing how powerful they are, resulting in his death multiple times over.

In She Kills Monsters, Agnes discovers Tilly was a lesbian and used her Dungeons and Dragons Campaign as an outlet for her struggles of being out in school, but, “in the closet” with her family.

What’s refreshing about Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters is that not only does it shine a spotlight on LGBTQ characters, but that it does not use their sexuality as a placeholder for personality. It’s incredibly easy, and in some circles almost obligatory, for plays and musicals to represent sexually diverse characters in the name of intersectionality without truly giving them a voice.

“In this show, there’s not just one token gay character that dies off at the first possible moment, or that fits perfectly into the stereotype that has become prevalent in the media these days,” says Ella Danyluk, who portrayed the role of Kaliope. “Each of the LGBT characters in the show has characteristics that are more dominant than their sexuality, and each of those characteristics are different. This isn’t a show with a bunch of gay characters. This is a show with a bunch of characters that happen to be gay.”

Staging a story with such emotionally rich and action-packed, LGBTQ roles has an empowering and uplifting impact on artists in the LGBTQ community. She Kills Monsters allows actors to truthfully represent the LGBTQ community in a show that goes beyond the ‘tragic Oscar-bait tale of characters discovering their sexuality’, but into a genre that for so long has been dominated by heteronormative Hollywood.


NOV 8th -


AT: SOME THEATRE COMPANY located inside the Bangor Mall (nxt to Furniture, Mattresses and More, opposite Lens Crafters)

Please wear a mask and remain socially distant.

Do not attend if you are sick.

Please bring your own writing utensil.

You will socially distance in the lobby and outside the theatre. Then you will be brought inside in small groups and socially distanced on stage, where we will do cold readings from the script.