Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2019- 2020 Sponsors

SEASON SPONSOR - GIFFORD ELECTRIC - https://gifford-electric.com/

Journeys Mental Health - Next to Normal

Nickerson O'Day - Next to Normal
Health Affiliates Maine - Next to Normal

Outta the Ordinary - Evil Dead the Musical

Queen City Cinema Club - Evil Dead the Musical
Tori Weston - Home Veterinarian - Evil Dead the Musical

Diversified Ink - Evil Dead the Musical

Morgan Hill Event Center - Evil Dead the Musical

Tea and Tarts - Puffs

New Look painting - Puffs

Higher Ground Services - Puffs


Elaine Bard

Shayne Bither

Becky Adams

Randy Jones

Ryan Boomwallah Jackson

Kate Downey

Stacy Laflin

Jill Savage Conley

Amanda Husson

Jill Hoelzer

Tina Cote Burns

Lori Knack Sharrow

Dan Sharrow

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2018- 2019 Sponsors
​​**Bangor Savings Bank - a grant to help towards buying sound equipment

LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor -The Nite Show with Danny Cashman
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Sutherland Weston
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Stewart's Property Management and Landscaping Company
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Rent-a-Wreck
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Knitfaced
​LITTLE SHOP Show Sponsor - Rand Dentistry
Anne Rogerson
Corissa Bither
Elaine Bard
Randolph Jones
​Alison Cox
Orono Parks and Rec

Sweeney Todd - Bob and Linda Allen 
Sweeney Todd - UBS
Sweeney Todd - Salon Bonifacio

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2017 - 2018 Sponsors
Bangor Savings Bank - A grant to buy 6 wireless microphones - Community Matters More recipient
Moe's BBQ

Stacie Sparkman
Randolph Jones
Jim Wilkes
Brandy Johnson
Tricia Hobbs
Noelle Gongwer
Shayne & Corissa Bither
Elaine & Gerry Bard
Daniel Legere
​Nancy Nicholson
​Alison Cox

Anne & Bob Bahr
Nancy Bither
Margi Hayes
Anne & Joe Rogerson
Keith Young
Journeys Mental Health
​Nicolette Aliano

RENT show sponsor - Bangor Savings Bank
​RENT show sponsor - Dan Cashman and The Nite Show
RENT show sponsor - Tyne Kenny, The Maine Real Estate Network
RENT show sponsor - Sutherland Weston 
RENT show sponsor - Joyce Clark Sarnacki
RENT show sponsor - ​ Sanderson Rental and Property Management 
​RENT show sponsor - Christina and Charley Earley
RENT show sponsor- Holly No7 Birth Center - Family Health
RENT show sponsor - Forecastle Tattoo
​RENT show sponsor - Sweet Willamina 

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2016- 2017 Sponsors
Bangor Savings Bank - A grant to purchase an LED follow spotlight
Walmart - Facility 1856 - Stillwater Ave

Ann Hamola           
​Christine Carr          
Duane Carr             
Edward Larson         
Patricia Larson
Randy Jones
Corissa & Shayne Bither
Angela Box
Carrie Rich

​Randolph M. Jones
Furbush-Roberts - For all your printing needs.
Journeys Mental health LLC - Keith Young LCPC, CH
​Rebecca Larson
Laurie Warzinski
Sam Belknap
​Robert Bach
Christina Belknap

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2015 - 2016 Sponsors

Bangor Winlectric
Stillwater Oaks Childcare
Randolph M. Jones
Elaine Bard
Verizon Wireless Zone, 
​Rocky for Equality ​
Bangor Winlectric
Stillwater Oaks Childcare
Fiddlehead Restaurant
Logan Bard, 
​Rocky for Equality - Augusta based theatre company

​Journeys Mental Health. LLC
​Orono Parks and Rec
Corissa Bither
Jason Wilkes, 
Randolph M.  Jones
Logan Bard
​​Grace Fecteau  
Jeff Fairfield 
 Verizon Wireless Zone
Lisa Purcell 
David Roch

If you would like to see our sponsorship tiers and what rewards we are offering sponsors, emaiL us at: sometheatrecompanyme@gmail.com