Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2018- 2019 Sponsors
​​**Bangor Savings Bank - a grant to help towards buying sound equipment

LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor -The Nite Show with Danny Cashman
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Sutherland Weston
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Stewart's Property Management and Landscaping Company
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Rent-a-Wreck
LITTLE SHOP Show sponsor - Knitfaced
​LITTLE SHOP Show Sponsor - Rand Dentistry
Anne Rogerson
Corissa Bither
Elaine Bard
Randolph Jones
​Alison Cox
Orono Parks and Rec

Sweeney Todd - Bob and Linda Allen 
Sweeney Todd - UBS
Sweeney Todd - Salon Bonifacio

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2017 - 2018 Sponsors
Bangor Savings Bank - A grant to buy 6 wireless microphones - Community Matters More recipient
Moe's BBQ

Stacie Sparkman
Randolph Jones
Jim Wilkes
Brandy Johnson
Tricia Hobbs
Noelle Gongwer
Shayne & Corissa Bither
Elaine & Gerry Bard
Daniel Legere
​Nancy Nicholson
​Alison Cox

Anne & Bob Bahr
Nancy Bither
Margi Hayes
Anne & Joe Rogerson
Keith Young
Journeys Mental Health
​Nicolette Aliano

RENT show sponsor - Bangor Savings Bank
​RENT show sponsor - Dan Cashman and The Nite Show
RENT show sponsor - Tyne Kenny, The Maine Real Estate Network
RENT show sponsor - Sutherland Weston 
RENT show sponsor - Joyce Clark Sarnacki
RENT show sponsor - ​ Sanderson Rental and Property Management 
​RENT show sponsor - Christina and Charley Earley
RENT show sponsor- Holly No7 Birth Center - Family Health
RENT show sponsor - Forecastle Tattoo
​RENT show sponsor - Sweet Willamina 

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2016- 2017 Sponsors
Bangor Savings Bank - A grant to purchase an LED follow spotlight
Walmart - Facility 1856 - Stillwater Ave

Ann Hamola           
​Christine Carr          
Duane Carr             
Edward Larson         
Patricia Larson
Randy Jones
Corissa & Shayne Bither
Angela Box
Carrie Rich

​Randolph M. Jones
Furbush-Roberts - For all your printing needs.
Journeys Mental health LLC - Keith Young LCPC, CH
​Rebecca Larson
Laurie Warzinski
Sam Belknap
​Robert Bach
Christina Belknap

Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2015 - 2016 Sponsors

Bangor Winlectric
Stillwater Oaks Childcare
Randolph M. Jones
Elaine Bard
Verizon Wireless Zone, 
​Rocky for Equality ​
Bangor Winlectric
Stillwater Oaks Childcare
Fiddlehead Restaurant
Logan Bard, 
​Rocky for Equality - Augusta based theatre company

​Journeys Mental Health. LLC
​Orono Parks and Rec
Corissa Bither
Jason Wilkes, 
Randolph M.  Jones
Logan Bard
​​Grace Fecteau  
Jeff Fairfield 
 Verizon Wireless Zone
Lisa Purcell 
David Roch

If you would like to see our sponsorship tiers and what rewards we are offering sponsors, emaiL us at: sometheatrecompanyme@gmail.com 




Some Theatre Company would like to thank its 2019- 2020 Sponsors

Journeys Mental Health

Nickerson O'Day
Health Affiliates Maine

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