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Theatre has the ability to:

  • Empower individuals to think on their feet in ever-changing contexts.

  • Deepen and heighten the development of an individual’s emotional and social intelligence.  

  • Expand one’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills in various presentational modes.


STC is committed to diversity and encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition. We consign ourselves to reflect and represent all members of our community on stage. We are a collaboration of like-minded thinkers who want to bring Theatre to the community in a different way than already available and is working towards being on the cutting edge of theater in our community. 

Our Theatre Company seeks to inspire, stimulate and promote interest in the theatrical arts within our community while offering a professional and supportive environment for all.

We seek to deliver professional quality work by offering dedicated artists, staff, and volunteers to community members, thus ensuring theatrical performances of the highest caliber. We are committed to supporting future arts professionals as well as those members of our community who are looking for a theatrical outlet and enhancing their art. We will offer performing arts training and theatrical production opportunities to all members of our community from varying walks of life.


We believe that theatre can create community by bringing together a diverse group of actors, not only enriching their lives but the lives of the audiences who attend our productions. We believe that we have a calling to reach out to adults who may not otherwise have access to, the professional, artistic, and educational experiences that we can provide. We believe that creating a professional environment inspires collaboration, and ingenuity permits artists and staff to be not only expressive but self-reliant while building self-esteem and self-belief.  By including all members of our company we keep our work vital, as well as ensuring our company's continuation and growth. We believe that we all have the ability to learn from one another, and by creating a diversified group we can speak to all areas of our community.


It is our belief that you don't start acting "professional" once you start to get paid. Being professional starts from respect for self, and for the work, which transcends the theater experience.

"You guys are amazing... hands down the best theatre company I have ever been blessed to see" - BJ Bowden

"Great actors and incredible directing! Beautiful stage sets. I can't believe they aren't professional ."- Dan Fogger

"I am continually impressed with the creativity of this theatre group!" - Jill Hoelzer 

"Some Theatre Company is known for telling a story at its emotional edge. " - Donna Goff

"...the best ensemble work I have seen in local theatre." - Lenore DiFiore

"You truly should be named "The Little Engine That Could Theatre Company!"  - Jim Wilkes


"A Professional Theatre Company in a community environment." - Melissa Bowman

Broadway World Maine Winners 

 Best Actor in a Play - The Boys Next Door 2017

Best Local Debut - RENT 2018

Best light design for a play, No Exit 2021, Best actor in a play, PUFFS 2021, Best live performance of a play PUFFS 2021,

Best play of the year, PUFFS 2021,  Best choreography in a play/musical, She Kills Monsters 2021



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