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Theatre has the ability to:

  • Empower individuals to think on their feet in ever-changing contexts.

  • Deepen and heighten the development of an individual’s emotional and social intelligence.  

  • Expand one’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills in various presentational modes.

Some Theatre Company seeks to inspire, and create a theatrical space where creativity sparks, boundaries are pushed, and community thrives. We strive to enrich our community through bold storytelling, and by creating theatrical experiences that instill empathy and ignite conversation.

We seek to deliver professional quality work and to be a prominent community theater company with high levels of artistic achievement, production quality, educational excellence, audience engagement, and a positive community impact. We will be a hub for artistic adventure and a home away from home. Some Theatre Company will be a space where diverse voices are amplified, imaginations are ignited, and where innovative productions, education, and community engagement are at the forefront.



Some Theatre Company is committed to diversity and encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition. We consign ourselves to reflect and represent all members of our community on stage.


Our stage is a place to challenge the ordinary, explore the unknown, and connect with others in meaningful ways. We seek to inspire and create a professional atmosphere while creating unforgettable experiences that energize our community.


We are a collaboration of like-minded thinkers who want to bring Theatre to the community in a different way than already available and is working towards being on the cutting edge of theater in our community. 


It is our belief that you don't start acting "professional" once you start to get paid. Being professional starts from respect for self, and for the work, which transcends the theater experience.

"You guys are amazing... hands down the best theatre company I have ever been blessed to see" - BJ Bowden

"Great actors and incredible directing! Beautiful stage sets. I can't believe they aren't professional ."- Dan Fogger

"I am continually impressed with the creativity of this theatre group!" - Jill Hoelzer 

"Some Theatre Company is known for telling a story at its emotional edge. " - Donna Goff

"...the best ensemble work I have seen in local theatre." - Lenore DiFiore

"You truly should be named "The Little Engine That Could Theatre Company!"  - Jim Wilkes


"A Professional Theatre Company in a community environment." - Melissa Bowman

Broadway World Maine Winners 

 Best Actor in a Play - The Boys Next Door 2017

Best Local Debut - RENT 2018

Best light design for a play, No Exit 2021, Best actor in a play, PUFFS 2021, Best live performance of a play PUFFS 2021,

Best play of the year, PUFFS 2021,  Best choreography in a play/musical, She Kills Monsters 2021

Producing Artistic Director - Elaine Bard

President - Vanessa Roy Young

Vice President - Gerry Bard

Treasurer - Erryn Byse

Voting Member - Deb Elz Hammond

Voting Member - Molly Dubovy

Voting Member - Clayton Perry

Community Liaison - Moira Beale


Jason Wilkes

Logan Bard

Quinn Bard



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