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Casting "Next to Normal," an American rock musical and winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Synopsis: Next to Normal follows one woman’s struggle with mental illness and the effect her illness has on her whole family. The writers illuminate the experience of those suffering from bi-polar disorder.

"Next to Normal" has been called one of the best musicals of the 21st century due to its graceful handling of its dark, complex subject matter and its moving and brutally honest exploration into pain.


Casting Female, age 16-25
Stage age - 16
Diana & Dan's troubled daughter; compelling, bright, contentious, and trying to be perfect; vocal range: belt/mix to an E.
All Ethnicities

Male, 17-25
Stage age - 17
Natalie's classmate; romantic, stoner, slacker, supportive, philosopher king; vocal range: high baritone/tenor to an A.
All Ethnicities

Male, 30 -50
Diana's psychiatrist; assured, charismatic, a rock star of psychiatry, on the young side of ageless; vocal range: high baritone/tenor with a rock sound.
All Ethnicities

April 30th at 6pm
May 1st - 6pm

AT- Keith Anderson Community House, 19 Bennoch Rd., Orono

Please prepare 32 bars of a song of your choice, in the style of the show. You can bring sheet music.

Please also look at -

NATALIE - Superboy and the Invisible Girl

HENRY - Perfect for you

DR MADDEN/FINE - Seconds and Years/Better than Before

Here you will find 2 tracks for each of those songs. One with notes plonked out and one without (Thank you Christina Belknap)

We will teach a harmony selection at auditions.

Show dates - June 21st - 30th

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