The SpongeBob Musical

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  • Direction - Elaine Bard

  • Music Direction - Logan Bard

  • Choreography - Logan Bard, with help on numbers from Jill Conley, Nicholas Aro, Judy Santos

  • Scenic Paint/Costumes/Makeup Design/props - Elaine Bard

  • Set Design and construction/Costume construction/TD/Master Electcian - Gerry Bard

  • Light Design - Elaine Bard -

  • Light hang, focus, and design concepts - Erryn Bard

  • Scenic Decor/Props - Corissa Bither

  • Board Ops - Jason Wilkes, Elaine Bard, Gerry Bard

  • SpongeBob - Brandon Clark

  • Patrick Star - Quinn Bard

  • Sandy Cheeks - Kari Stowe

  • Plankton- Logan Bard

  • Karen - Emma Bard

  • Mr Krabs - Jake Sherburne

  • Pearl Krabs - Phoenix Morton

  • Squidward - Deb Elz Hammond

  • Perch Perkins/Patchy - Lucien Jellison

  • Ms. Mayor - Jill Conley

  • Mrs. Puff - Jaimie Paige

  • Old Man Jenkins - Lyrica Marsh

  • Electric Skate/others - Angelina Buzzelli

  • Electric Skate/Larry/Buster/Gary/Others - Linnea Harrold

  • Krabby Patty Man/others - Grace Galinski

Quinn Bard - Quinn is beyond excited to be in his 16th production with STC. Previous roles include Dr. Scott (The Rocky Horror Show), Toby (Sweeney Todd), and Ernie Mac/Others (Puffs). Quinn would like to thank his friends and family for their never-ending support.

Jake Sherburne - Jake started with STC back in 2015 with their very first production, Evil Dead The Musical. He has done many other shows with them since then, and is thrilled to add The Spongebob Musical to the list! He recently won Best Performer in a play for Puffs playing Wayne through Broadway World where the show also won Best Play of the Year among many other awards!


Jill Savage Conley - Jill is so excited to perform again for STC. This is her third production with the company and she is thrilled to be back on stage. She would like to thank her husband, Ryan and son, Grayson as well as her extended family and friends for their continued support. She would also like to thank Elaine and the rest of the STC family for believing in her and giving her the opportunity.


Angelina Buzzelli - Angelina is so happy to return to the STC stage after previously playing Vanda in Venus in Fur and Theo in The Haunting of Hill House. She would like to thank her family, friends and colleagues for their endless support and encouragement to never stop pursuing her dreams. She hopes you enjoy the show and have the best day ever!

Lyrica Marsh - Lyrica is so happy to be with STC for her sixth production after performing as Janet in The Rocky Horror Show! She’s currently studying Theatre and Media Studies at the University of Maine and is also one of the artistic directors for Some Imaginarium, putting up their first production in May! She would like to thank Grace, Elaine, Tina, and her mother for their support.

Kari Stowe - Kari Stowe is grinnin’ like a possum eating a sweet tater about getting to play Sandy Cheeks in her fifth production with STC. She’d like to thank the handsomest boys in the world - Brian, Everett, and Desmond - for their patience, love, and support.

Brandon Clark - Brandon Clark is thrilled to be back on the STC stage to play the part of SpongeBob SquarePants. He was previously a part of Rocky Horror, Puffs, and Next to Normal. He would like to thank the cast, the crew, and his fiancé for their endless support throughout this process.

Emma Bard - Emma is so excited to be in another STC production after performing as Estelle in No Exit, Megan in Puffs, and Eleanor in The Haunting of Hill House. She would like to thank her family and her husband for their love and support. She would also like to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work to bring this show to life!

Jaimie Paige - This will be Jaimie's third show on the STC stage, after performing in Clue: On Stage and Puffs, and she is so happy to be back! Jaimie studied Theatre and Vocal Performance at Alfred University in New York and after a few years performing in New York and Boston she realized she missed home and moved back to Maine. She would like to thank her family for their endless love and support as well as her STC family for believing in her and pushing her to keep following her passion of theatre.

Phoenix Morton - Phoenix is ecstatic to dive into the role of Pearl Krabs in STCs production of SpongeBob SquarePants! She would like to thank the director, cast and tech team for creating such a fun and welcoming environment. She loves to test physics and gravity and hopes you enjoy this amazing show!!

Logan Bard - Logan is excited to have taken this adventure not only as  Music Director, but as part of this amazing cast. He married the love of his life on Oct 31st in the theatre space. He would like to thank Emma, his cast and crew, and also his family for all their support.

Grace Galinski - Grace is so excited to be back for her second show at STC after performing as Lilith in She Kills Monsters! She would like to thank Lyrica, her family, and Elaine for their continued support throughout this show and long before it started. She hopes you enjoy your stay in Bikini Bottom and that you’ll come back to visit soon!

Lucien Jellison - Lucien is thrilled to make his performing debut with STC! He’d like to thank his family and friends for their unending support, and the STC family for welcoming him into their midst. He’s eager for you to see the show, and hopes you have a great time!


Linnea Harrold - Linnea is delighted to be performing with STC for the first time! Growing up with SpongeBob the cartoon, she has found it a joy to work with the talented cast and crew to bring the characters to life on stage. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continual support, Elaine and Logan for their dedication, and the rest of the cast for all their help through this process!

Deb Elz Hammond - Deb is excited to be back at STC! Since her family has been referring to her as “Squidward” for many years now, she is excited to actually play him- yes, she knows that might seem weird. She’d like to thank everyone in the cast and crew for their dedication and talent, and she would like to thank her family for their love and support.


"SpongeBob the Musical” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals


Based on the series by Stephen Hillenburg , Book by Kyle Jarrow 
Original Songs by Yolanda Adams, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, Jonathan Coulton, Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Flaming Lips, Lady A, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White
T’s, They Might Be Giants, T.I. And Songs by David Bowie, Tom Kenny & Andy Paley Additional Lyrics by Jonathan Coulton
Additional Music by Tom Kitt

Musical Production Conceived by Tina Landau. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.