The Rocky Horror Show

Music, Book and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

Sponsored by The Morgan Hill Event Center


  • Direction - Elaine Bard

  • Music Direction - Logan Bard

  • Choreography - Becca Tinkham

  • Scenic Paint/Lighting/Sound Design/Costumes/Makeup Design - Elaine Bard

  • Set Design and construction/Costumeconstruction/TD/Master Electcian - Gerry Bard

  • Props -Elaine Bard

  • Board Ops - Jason Wilkes, Elaine Bard, Gerry Bard

  • Frank'n'Furter- Brandon Clark

  • Riff Raff - Paul Allen

  • Magenta - Kari Stowe

  • Columbia - Phoenix Morton

  • Brad - Savage Bloomer

  • Janet - Lyrica Marsh 

  • Rocky - Logan Bard

  • Narrator - John Hamer

  • Dr Scott/Phantom - Quinn Bard

  • Eddie - Christy Bruton

  • Phantom - Nicholas Aro

  • Phantom - Negina Lowe

  • Phantom - Jill Savage Conley

Savage Bloomer- Savage is thrilled to play Brad in his debut STC performance! He would like to thank the RHS directors for the opportunity. Brad knows that Everything.. will be alright. #ravagesavage

Kari Stowe - Kari is thrilled to be rocking the role of Magenta in her fourth production with STC. She’d like to thank her husband Brian for being a single dad at times so she can sing and dance on stage. She'd also like to thank her crazy, handsome, sweet little monsters Everett and Desmond for being awesome. She knows this show will leave you spaced out on sensation!

Paul Allen - HELLOOOO! Paul wants to thank you for coming to see this exciting production of The Rocky Horror Show! He’s pretty sure this is his 7th production with STC, but honestly he may have lost count. Other roles include Scotty (Evil Dead), Anthony (Sweeney Todd), and Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors). He’s excited to take on the role of “husband” in early July 2022.


Lyrica Marsh - Lyrica is so excited to be in her fifth production with STC and her first musical with the company!! She will soon be attending Emerson college to study Media Arts Production, but will definitely be back to visit! She’d like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her and buying too many tickets.
Janet would just like a towel to dry off with.

Quinn Bard -Quinn is excited to bring the role of Dr. Scott to life in this production of Right Horror. This is Quinn's 15th show with STC, with previous performances including Puffs (Ernie Mac), CLUE (Mr. Boddy/Others), and Sweeney Todd (Toby). Quinn would like to thank his friends and family for their undying support.
Dr. Scott would like to remind you to stay away from bad crowds, specifically aliens.

Christy Bruton - Christy is thrilled to be back on stage with STC as Eddie in Rocky Horror! She would like to thank her family, friends, and her cats and roommate for listening to her wail along to the score in preparation.
For the record, Eddie ain't that bad! He's just gone to pieces!

John Hamer - John is happy to return to the STC stage as the Narrator for the Rocky Horror Show. He would like- if he may- to thank his wife Anne-Marie for putting up with him during yet another production. He hopes it will be a night out you will remember for a very long time…

Jill Savage Conley -Jill is back for her second show with STC, previously performing as a Bohemian in RENT in 2018. She is excited to rock out on stage and looks forward to having some fun with the Rocky fans who will be joining us in the audience. Jill would like to thank her husband, Ryan and son, Grayson, for supporting her participation in this show!

Brandon Clark - Brandon is very excited to have the opportunity to play Frank in his tenth STC production. He would like to thank his friends, family, and Nick for the continued love and support. When he isn’t on stage, you can find him planning and running the “Can You Survive Charity Event”.  If you’re looking for hospitality, don’t ask Frank.

Phoenix Morton - Phoenix is ecstatic to jump into the role of Columbia in her first production at STC! She would like to thank The cast and Elaine Bard for the warm welcome.
Columbia just can’t keep a straight face… or a boyfriend

Logan Bard - Logan is excited to have taken this adventure not only as  Music Director, but as part of this amazing cast. He marries the love of his life on Oct 31st in the theatre space. He would like to thank Emma, his cast and crew, and also his family for all their support.

Negina Lowe - Negina is super excited to get back on stage with her third production with STC. After trying her hand backstage (and loving it!) she is grateful to have the opportunity to sing and dance with her fellow cast-mates. She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her like always, and Elaine for always encouraging her.

Nicholas Aro - Nicholas is just tickled to be returning to theater in his first production with STC. When not backwards somersaulting or prancing about in gothic kilts, Nicholas can be found teaching French, cooking or adventuring with Brandon Clark. He would like to thank Brandon and Elaine for pushing him to audition and bringing back this wonderful gift into his life.


“The Rocky Horror Show” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.